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Vision - What are we trying to do?

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Trinity Fellowship

is a body of believers whose goal is to glorify God
by growing toward maturity as disciples
of the Lord Jesus Christ - through faith.
We commit ourselves:
to learn and obey His word,
to depend on Him in prayer,
to exalt Him through worship,
to love and care for one another
and to share His love with others
in order to make new disciples
in our community and around the world.

We represent this vision using 'the wheel'. Our vertical relationship with God is represented by the vertical spokes of the wheel, prayer and study of the Bible. Our horizontal relationships with others are represented by the horizontal spokes of the wheel, fellowship and outreach. In the center of the wheel is our relationship with Christ, characterized by a heart of worship.

As a church, we want to be a group of people who are growing to maturity. This process begins when a person hears the good news about Jesus and places their faith in Him. Therefore one key purpose of our existence as a church is sharing his love with others all around the world - but especially with families in our own community. We want to tell people the good news that Jesus died on the cross for their sins, that He rose from the dead on the third day, and that forgiveness and eternal life can be found through faith in Him. 'The Bridge' is a classic illustration of these truths.

Once a person has crossed the line of faith and believes in Jesus they begin to grow in the Christian faith. The purpose of many of our church's programs and events is to encourage that growth. Some of these programs focus on learning and obeying God's word - Sunday School, for example. Others help us to depend on Him in prayer, a key component of growth to Christian maturity. Still others emphasize loving and caring for one another. Some of the things we do, such as Sunday morning worship, include all these components of growth.