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Trinity Fellowship Crisis Response

Trinity Fellowship has been responding to local and regional crises since Hurricane Katrina struck the Gulf Coast in 2005. When Hurricane Ike hit our area in 2008 we partnered with the Evangelical Free Church’s Crisis Response organization to work both locally and in Galveston.

Then came Hurricane Harvey, which devastated our area. We partnered with Crisis Response and hosted teams in our church for three years, rebuilding houses and lives. (To see a brief history of that response, click here: Harvey Response History.)

Now we plan to be prepared to respond quickly to any natural disaster that comes to our area.

Responding to Hurricane Laura in Lake Charles

Our preparation for ‘the next one’ has three parts

(1) People and supplies ready to respond locally: We maintain a list of people who have responded to needs in the past and we maintain a cache of basic supplies for responding to natural disasters – tools like tarps, chain saws, gutting tools, safety equipment, etc. This cache is currently not as well supplied as we’d like it to be: if you would like to donate toward improving it, that would be welcome.

(2) Partnership with 4B Disaster Response Network: We recently partnered with 4B DRN, which is a network of churches who have partnered to continue working with Harvey victims and be ready for the next disaster. 4B has worked in hundreds of homes, continues to offer work opportunities, and has built-out a large warehouse to gather supplies and house teams. If you would like to volunteer with 4B at any time, contact us for more information. Or visit their website. (By the way, 4B stands for the area bounded by the beltway, the beach, Brazoria county and the Bay)

(3) Partnership with ReachGlobal Crisis Response: Our partners from Harvey are currently working in Lake Charles, New Orleans, North Carolina, California and around the world. We hope to take a team one week each year to work at one of their response sites, and re-connect with our good friends.

You can be part of this ministry! Unlike other ministries we do, this one involves no weekly commitment – it’s just having your name on a list, receiving a few e-mails, maybe attending an organizational and training meeting once a year or so, and being willing to check your schedule and volunteer when opportunities come up. Contact Bob DeGray or Iva Foster to let us know of your interest.