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Terra Nova Children's Home

The Morrow family traveled from Texas to Zambia with six children between the ages of 4 and 11 years old. Their first project in Zambia was a community school called Flying Angels. They guided it from a one room classroom to a thriving school. It now also has a church, residential orphan center, and clinic with hospice care.
As the Morrows spent time with children and their communities, they found a big gap in support for children who were below school age and lacked their parents. By the time they reached school age, they already had years of malnutrition, lack of mental and emotional stimulation, and structure.
In 2006 they purchased an abandoned building in Kazembe, a large village in northern Zambia and began construction. Electricity had to be installed, a borehole drilled, and pipes laid. After one year of hard work, the doors to Terra Nova Children's Home finally opened.
More than 10 years after construction began, Terra Nova Children's Home is now a happy home to over 30 children who have found a new family and are now growing up healthy, secure, and safe--receiving a quality education so that they will grow up to not just be an orphan statistic, but a contributing member of society.

Tom and Amy Morrow

“Our mission is to improve the lives of those in need. Because children and youth are the hope of the future, we believe in investing in them by providing education, training and leadership.”