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Trinity has been supporting world missions for twenty-five years. We mostly support individual missionaries who are doing key strategic work around the world. We also support a few organizations. (Visit our Missions page for details – where we are able to give them.)

About ten years ago Michelle Murray began taking students to Slovakia to teach English language camps (through fun!) for Joseph Abrman, a church planting pastor in the city of Trencin. Since that time we have also begun to do camps in other parts of the country with like-minded churches and organizations. The Slovakia team typically goes over in late June and stays until mid-to-late August, teaching four or five one week English camps where the Gospel of Jesus is freely shared.

We would love to give you more information about being involved, especially if you are a teen or young adult who is committed to being a wholehearted follower of Jesus.

Contact Person: Darra Murray. You can get Darra’s contact information by calling the church office or searching the church directory online (password required). Or send an email via our Contact Page

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