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“Why Persevere?”

2 Chronicles 15-16
Mike Bauer
July 15, 2007

Key Sentence

Why should you persevere for the Lord?


I. Perseverance requires courage to oppose idolatry. (2 Chron. 15:1-8)
A. Asa persevered to courageously destroy the idolatry.
B. We must persevere to destroy idolatry
II. Perseverance can cause family division.
A. Asa's perserverance required him to depose his grandmother.
B. Our perserverance may require us to oppose our family.
III. We should not give up because God is watching, others will be hurt, and the Lord's discipline will result.
A. Asa gave up resulting in the Lord's disappointment, Israel to be at war, and for the Lord to afflice him with disease.
B. Our giving up will result in the Lord's displeasure, others to be hurt, and possibly physical ailments.


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