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“The Exalting Church”

Romans 12:1-2
Mike Bauer
June 24, 2007

Key Sentence

Put yourself on the altar because Jesus put Himself on the cross.


I. Put your life on the altar. Romans 12:1
A. Heed the plea.
B. Sacrifice yourself.
1. Be Holy
2. Be pleasing

C. Surrender is worship.

1.Replay His work on the cross in your mind everyday.
2. Don't let comfort make your decision about the church plant.
II. Get a new mind. (Romans 12:2)
A. Do not be cut by the worlds cookie cutters.
B. Become a spiritual butterfly.
C.God's Word is where we find God's will.
1. What is your brainwashing plan?
2. Find an accountability partner. Hebrews 10:25


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