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“Sermon Series Introduction and Secret #1: True Teaching”

Acts 1.4-8; 2.1-4; 40-47
David Jackson
July 10, 2022

Key Sentence

To be a Spirit-led church, we must understand the role of the Holy Spirit in the birth and behavior of the church and we must be steadfastly committed to teaching the truth.


The Spirit's Role in the Birth of the "Pentecostal" Church
     The Presence of the Spirit (John 14.15-18; 20.21-22)
     The Promise of the Spirit ( John 14.26; 15.26-27; 16.7-15; Acts 1.4-5)
     The Power of the Spirit (Acts 1.8; 2.1-4, 41, 43, 47)

The Spirit's Results in the Behavior of the "Pentecostal" Church: four essential secrets (Acts 2.42-47)
     True Teaching (July 10)
     Flourishing Fellowship (July 17)
     Hospitable Homes (July 24)
     Passionate Prayer (July 31)

Secret #1: True Teaching (Acts 2.42)
     True teaching content: finding the truth
     True teaching conduit: communicating the truth
     True teaching commitment: living the truth

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