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Education Summit, Week 1

By bob | May 16, 2009
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I was excited by the participation in the first week of our Education Summit. The purpose of this blog is to summarize what went on…

Dealing with Relational Sins

By bob | May 4, 2009
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On Sunday (May 3, 2009) I focused the application of Mark 14:42-72 on the issue of sin in relationships. Whenever I think of this I…

You Can Tell It: Info and Registration

By bob | April 30, 2009
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So – when was the last time you shared the Gospel with someone? Longer ago than you would like? Never? Why? For many people it’s…

A Wedding in Washington

By bob | April 28, 2009
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On Friday, April 24th my daughter Ruth and I flew (pretty much all day) to Seattle-Tacoma airport. We had been invited to participate in Jessica…

We’re in Hot Water (but it’s not what you think).

By bob | April 21, 2009
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Ever since we’ve been in these buildings, I’ve been a little bothered by the lack of hot water in the classroom building. It just seemed…

Art by James Tissot

By bob | April 10, 2009
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After our Thursday night Service of Tenebrae (April 9,2009) a few people asked me about the paintings that accompanied the Scripture texts. Almost all of…

Easter Prep: The Unveiling

By bob | April 8, 2009
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Although most of our Scripture studies this spring and this Easter season have been from the Gospel of Mark, I’m going to preach from Revelation…

A Quick Comment on ‘The Money Illustration’

By bob | April 6, 2009
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I recieved many positive comments on the Children’s Corner from Sunday (April 5, 2009) in which I made confetti out of a one dollar bill,…

A Brief Rant

By bob | March 31, 2009
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I have an old scab which last bothered me about two years ago, but has never completely healed, and for reasons not perfectly clear to…

A Ministry in Colorado

By bob | March 23, 2009
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After Becky Casselberry’s wedding, Gail and I had the chance to take the family to Yampa, Colorado, to spend a few days in the mountains…