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Help Me! I’m drowning in same-old same-old!

By bob | December 5, 2007
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Christmas music, that is. For many years I’ve had a problem with Christmas music. Now don’t get me wrong, I love Christmas and I love…

Sermon Video

By bob | November 17, 2007
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I’ve been experimenting the past few weeks with doing sermon videos. I start with Frank’s audio (which usually goes on line three or four days…

A Letter to KSBJ

By bob | November 6, 2007
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Occasionally I hear a song that makes me want to rant. Today I sent this e-mail to KSBJ Dear Sirs; I’m an occasional listener to…

Too Busy Not to Blog?

By bob | October 28, 2007
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I started this blog while on Sabbatical, and tried to update about once a week. Since sabbatical ended (September 1st), I’ve had every intention of…

A Certain Symmetry

By bob | September 4, 2007
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My sabbatical started with a canoe race, the Texas Water Safari, and it has come to a close with a canoe race, the Colorado River…

To Run to Amarillo

By bob | August 17, 2007
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My running goal for the year is 1000 miles. This morning I reached 600 miles. Actually I reached 598.25, then came in the house and…

Doctor of Ministry Course in Dallas

By bob | July 10, 2007
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My first Doctor of Ministry Course runs from Monday to Friday, July 9th to 16th, at Dallas Theological Seminary. I’m going to blog a paragraph…

History and Historical Fiction – a list for Ryan

By bob | July 5, 2007
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Ryan, a recent college grad, asked me for some recommendations for reading history. I told him I didn’t read general histories very much any more.…

Book Review: The Moment of Truth

By bob | June 27, 2007
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The following is one of a dozen or so book reviews that I am doing for the Doctor of Ministry course.  I’ve done four so…

One More Safari Fanaticism

By bob | June 16, 2007
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An outfit called, somehow associated with the Texas Water Safari, has posted high quality data about the Safari to their website, including finish and…