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We’re in Hot Water (but it’s not what you think).

By bob | April 21, 2009
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Ever since we’ve been in these buildings, I’ve been a little bothered by the lack of hot water in the classroom building. It just seemed…

Art by James Tissot

By bob | April 10, 2009
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After our Thursday night Service of Tenebrae (April 9,2009) a few people asked me about the paintings that accompanied the Scripture texts. Almost all of…

Easter Prep: The Unveiling

By bob | April 8, 2009
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Although most of our Scripture studies this spring and this Easter season have been from the Gospel of Mark, I’m going to preach from Revelation…

A Quick Comment on ‘The Money Illustration’

By bob | April 6, 2009
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I recieved many positive comments on the Children’s Corner from Sunday (April 5, 2009) in which I made confetti out of a one dollar bill,…

A Brief Rant

By bob | March 31, 2009
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I have an old scab which last bothered me about two years ago, but has never completely healed, and for reasons not perfectly clear to…

A Ministry in Colorado

By bob | March 23, 2009
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After Becky Casselberry’s wedding, Gail and I had the chance to take the family to Yampa, Colorado, to spend a few days in the mountains…

Casselberry Wedding

By bob | March 15, 2009
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On March 14th we (the DeGray family, less Abbie and Tim, plus others) attended Becky Casselberry’s wedding to Adam Mitchell.  The Casselberry’s attended Trinity a…

Benevolence and Missions Giving

By bob | March 10, 2009
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I’ve had a couple of questions lately about special giving to benevolence or missionaries and want to post a few brief comments on those subjects.…

Men’s Bible Immersion Camp

By bob | March 10, 2009
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What a blessing it is to go way and simply study God’s word.  We had this privilege at the Men’s Bible Immersion Camp on March…

Some thoughts on the ‘earliest and best’ texts

By bob | February 27, 2009
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Twice in recent sermons (02/22/2009 on Mark 11:26 and 02/01/2009 on Mark 9:43-50) I have used the phrase ‘earliest and best Greek texts’ to explain…