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Trinity Fellowship, in Friendswood, Texas, helps ordinary people connect to an extraordinary God. As a church our vision is to glorify God by growing toward maturity as disciples of the Lord Jesus Christ – through faith. We have committed ourselves to learn and obey His word, to depend on Him in prayer, to exalt Him through worship, to love and care for one another and to share His love with others in order to make new disciples in our community and around the world.


First, and central to everything else, we believe the Bible is God’s personal communication, in which he teaches about himself, about his creation of us and of our world, and about the relationship he desires to have with us. Therefore we emphasize God’s word in our Sunday services, in Sunday School and in our home groups. Many of those who have become part of our fellowship have done so because God’s word is made more real and effective in their lives through our creative commitment to teaching it. We hope you will find that Trinity does this as well or better than other churches you might visit.

A second distinctive at Trinity is that we still believe that people can only be rescued from sin through faith in Jesus Christ. The great evidence of God’s love for us is that Jesus, God the Son, came to die on the cross to rescue us from our rebellion against Him by paying the price for our sins. Through his sacrifice everyone who trusts in Him receives forgiveness of sins and through his resurrection we receive the guarantee of eternal life. Our King was victorious over both sin and death, and we believe this is Good News for every person on this planet.

Finally, a third distinctive at Trinity is that we try, with God’s help, to be people who truly love and care for others. We deeply desire to show love and compassion, whether by praying for each other, helping others grow in the faith, or helping people with the needs of life. This is why we say that we are a church ‘helping ordinary people connect to an extraordinary God.’