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The Resurrection and the Life – John 11:17-27

Message preached on August 27, 2023 by Pastor John White. This video is for non-profit educational purposes only. The brief use of images from copyright material is thought to be ‘fair use’ of the material.

Question: What must you believe about Jesus to be saved?

I. The _____object_____ of salvation: __God___
II. The basis of salvation: Atonement (death of a substitute
III. The ___motive____ of salvation: ___Grace___
IV. The ___agent____ of salvation: ___Holy Spirit___
V. The ___results___ of salvation: __forgiveness of sins_
VI. The ___means___ of salvation: __Faith (trust)
A. Knowledge: __Understand_ the claims of Christ
B. Emotion: _Confidence_ in the claims of Christ
C. Will: __Appropriate__ the claims of Christ
VII. The _promise__ of salvation:__Eternal Life__
A. Aspect #1: Quality of life in time
B. Aspect #2: Quantity of life in eternity

Conclusion: To be saved one must trust in Jesus’ promise_ to give eternal life to all who believe_ in him for it. The moment you __believe_ it, you ___have__ it.