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Family Fajita Fun Fest 2

(6:00 PM on Sunday, December 11, 2022)

We had so much fun with the Family Fajita Fun Fest last year that we’re doing it again. We’ll have a full fajita meal (beef, chicken and vegetarian), plus games, Christmas Carols and fun. Sign up to bring your whole family to this unique, relaxing Christmas celebration.

We really do need you to sign up, because we need a head count when we order the food, several days in advance. Use the sign up sheet at church, or you can call or text Iva at 281-482-0577 and leave a message.

We will be accepting donations for the food at the event, and we encourage you to be generous and help us cover the cost. If you can, bring a plate of cookies to share – we’re not catering the dessert!