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Bathroom Remodeling Project

Update – August 7, 2022

The bathroom project is essentially complete, though there are a few finishing touches left to address:

Ladies on the left, Gentlemen on the right

The doors to replace these are on order and should be installed in the next few weeks:

We’ve also completed the flooring updates in the Sunday School building. This picture doesn’t do them justice. Stop by and see:

Update – July 8, 2022

This is the second week of work on the bathrooms, and we’ve seen lots of progress:

The beautiful tile is down, the partitions are up, and by the time you read this the new toilets and the sinks in the ladies room may have been installed. All that will be left is some painting and the detail work. We’re excited at the difference this remodel will make to the perception visitors (and regular attenders and building users) have of our church.

As you can see in the above graphic, we’re about 55% of the way to our stretch goal of $8000. We’ve covered the bathroom remodel itself (though the project is coming in a bit above budget), but we’re still looking for people to be prayerfully generous so that we can install the new doors in the foyer.

We don’t expect the new bathrooms to be completed by this weekend, so plan to use the restrooms in the Sunday School wing again when you come to church this Sunday, July 10, 2022.

Original Post – June 12, 2022

We’re excited to announce our plans to remodel the sanctuary bathrooms (and possibly exterior doors) this summer and we’re asking for your prayers and your financial support.

As Trinity moves forward in ministry, we’d like our building to become a more welcoming and comfortable place for our visitors and our congregation. Two things that are frequently mentioned as not welcoming and comfortable are our sanctuary bathrooms and the exterior doors of the sanctuary, the “front” doors that open into the foyer. With your help and partnership we have a great opportunity to address these issues this summer.

One of the partner organizations that uses our building during the week has volunteered to help with a complete remodel of the bathrooms. This will include relocating and replacing toilets, new dividers, new sinks and new paint and decorations. This will also provide the bathrooms with an ADA accessible toilet making our building more accessible. The Bay Area Homeschool Association (BAHA) has offered to do the contracting and pay for the labor if we can provide the materials. We have made estimates for this work and find that we can provide the materials for about $4000. We would like to ask you to prayerfully consider making a generous donation to help with this needed work.

More than that, as a stretch goal, we would also like to raise the money to replace the solid metal doors that enter into the sanctuary foyer (and are visible from the street) with glass doors like those recently installed in the Sunday School building. We estimate that this will also cost about $4000.

In total we’re asking the Lord to provide about $8000 for these two projects, and we’re asking the Trinity family to prayerfully consider a generous contribution. However, we want to be careful to say that regular contributions to Trinity’s general budget are still the top priority in our minds, and we don’t want anyone to sacrifice regular giving to this special project. Also, we want you to know that if more funds come in than the projects cost, the General Board will place those fund in the Capital Projects account or in Trinity’s general budget at their discretion.

We’re really excited about this opportunity. If you are able to help, just make a contribution designated “bathroom remodel” into the offering baskets, at the church office, or through our online payment portal. We’ll be giving regular updates and prayer requests for these projects throughout the summer.


Pastor Bob, for the General Board