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Fall Preaching Series 2021: Exalt the Lord Our God

(News: Begins August 29, 2021)

As I prepared for the summer series we’re now completing (Summer 2021), I was struck by the fact that our culture exalts self rather than exalting God. This fall we’re going to jump into the book of Psalms at Psalm 90 and spend eleven weeks looking at the character of God as worshiped by the psalmists. We’ll see how God is the eternal one, our creator and our dwelling place. We’ll look at his justice, his righteousness, his holiness and much more, and learn to have a heart of worship that looks up to God and exalts him. If you want to get your eyes off yourself and onto someone worthy of your time and attention, join us each Sunday this fall.

Here are the details:

Date: August 29, 2021 (Psalm 90)
Title: The Fleeting and the Eternal
Text: Psalm 90
Worship: Eternal God
Key Sentence:
Looking at our days from God’s eternal perspective gives them meaning.
I. The Eternal Perspective (Psalm 90:1-6)
II. The Fleeting Perspective (Psalm 90:7-12)
III. The Presence of the Eternal (Psalm 90:13-17)

Date: September 5, 2021 (Psalm 91)
Title: Dwelling Place
Text: Psalm 91
Worship: My Dwelling Place
Key Sentence: There is no better place to be than the dwelling place.
I. The Dwelling Place (Psalm 91:1-4)
II. The Protection of the Dwelling Place (Psalm 91:5-13)
III. The Promises of the Dwelling Place (Psalm 91:14-16)

Date: September 12, 2021 (Psalm 92)
Title: The Work of His Hands
Text: Psalm 92
Worship: The Work of His Hands
Key Sentence: It is good to properly appreciate the works of God on our behalf.
I. His works bring gladness to the righteous (Psalm 92:1-4)
II. His works don’t move the foolish (Psalm 92:5-9)
III. His works bless the righteous (Psalm 92:10-15)

Date: September 19, 2021 (Psalm 93)
Title: Robed in Majesty
Text: Psalm 93
Worship: Majesty and Might
Key Sentence: Comparing God to things we consider great helps us trust and obey.
I. His Majesty and Strength (Psalm 93:1-2)
II. His Might (Psalm 93:3-4)
III. Trust Him and Pursue Holiness (Psalm 93:5)

Date: September 26, 2021
Guest Preacher (Todd) (Bob vacation)

Date: October 3, 2021 (Psalm 94)
Title: The God of Justice
Text: Psalm 94
Worship: The God of Justice
Key Sentence:
Only one who knows the God of justice can be strengthened to pursue justice.
I. The Need for Justice (Psalm 94:1-7)
II. The God of Justice (Psalm 94:8-11)
III. The Man of Justice (Psalm 94:12-15)
IV. The Strength of Justice (Psalm 94:16-23)

Date: October 10, 2021 (Psalm 95)
Title: Learning to Worship
Text: Psalm 95
Worship: Sing, Worship, Bow Down
Key Sentence: Worship is an attitude of the soul, the body, the mind and the heart.
I. The Soul Sings with Joy (Psalm 95:1-2)
II. The Body Bows Down in Humility (Psalm 95:3-7)
III. The Mind and Heart Listen to His Voice (Psalm 95:8-11)

Date: October 17, 2021 (Psalm 96)
Title: Learning to Worship, Part 2
Text: Psalm 96
Worship: Glory Will Cover the Earth
Key Sentence: Worship speaks almost exclusively about God
I. Declare His Glory (Psalm 96:1-3)
II. Recognize His Greatness (Psalm 96:4-6)
III. Ascribe it all to the Lord (Psalm 96:7-9)
IV. Anticipate His Return (Psalm 96:10-13)

Date: October 24, 2021 (Psalm 97)
Title: The Lord Reigns in Righteousness and Justice
Text: Psalm 97
Worship: Rejoice
Key Sentence: God’s righteousness and justice are real reasons for rejoicing.
I. The Lord reigns in righteousness and justice (Psalm 97:1-9)
II. His people respond in justice and joy (Psalm 97:10-12)

Date: October 31, 2021 (Psalm 98)
Title: A New Song
Text: Psalm 98
Worship: Sing to the Lord a New Song
Key Sentence: What God has done leads us to celebrate what God has yet to do
I. Past Salvations (Psalm 98:1-3)
II. Present Celebrations (Psalm 98:4-6)
III. Future Culminations (Psalm 98:7-9)

Date: November 7, 2021 (Psalm 99)
Title: For the Lord our God is Holy
Text: Psalm 99
Worship: Holy, Holy, Holy
Key Sentence: The Lord is holy. He is exalted. Yet he is close to his people.
I. Exalted in His Reign (Psalm 99:1-3)
II. Exalted in His Justice (Psalm 99:4-5)
III. Exalted in His Immanence (Psalm 99:6-9)

Date: November 14, 2021
Guest Preacher (David) (Bob cataracts)

Date: November 21, 2021 (Psalm 100)
Title: Thanksgiving Commanded
Text: Psalm 100
Worship: Give Thanks
Key Sentence: Only this God can command worship and thansgiving
I. Joyful Worship Commanded (Psalm l00:1-2)
II. Because He is God and We are His (Psalm 100:3)
III. Thanksgiving Commanded (Psalm 100:4)
IV. Because He is Good, Loving and Faithful (Psalm 100:5)