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How Could A Loving God Allow So Much Suffering? – John 11:1-44

Message preached on July 25, 2021 by Associate Pastor Todd Cobbs. This video is for non-profit educational purposes only. The brief use of images from copyright material is thought to be ‘fair use’ of the material.

Key Sentence: “Hopefully we will see today that God is good and that God is the only hope for this suffering world.”

I. Jesus knows about our sufferings (John 11:1-7)
II. Jesus is Life in the midst of our pain and sufferings (John 11:21-26)
III. Jesus deeply cares about our sufferings (John 11:32-35)
IV. Jesus can help us in our sufferings (John 11:36-44)
IV. Jesus is glorified in our sufferings (John 11:4)