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Family Christmas Celebration – 6:30 PM on December 20, 2020

(6:30 PM on Sunday, December 20, 2020)

Our traditional Family Christmas Celebration will be slightly modified this year.

Because we are canceling our annual Christmas Caroling event (no way to make it COVID friendly) we will be increasing the number of carols at the Family Christmas event. We’ll accommodate this by having fewer performances.

Hannah Gronseth has agreed to come and lead Christmas carols from the piano, and she’ll take requests as well. In addition we’ll have a few performances contributing to our appreciation of Christmas. If you are interested in performing please contact David Jackson or Iva Foster.

We will also livestream this event. You can find the livestream on our YouTube Channel:

Traditionally this is a cookie event, and we think we can continue that. To accommodate COVID:
(1) Bring a tray of cookies to share. Cover the tray with plastic wrap!
(2) When cookie time comes, wear your mask to the cookie table.
(3) We’ll have servers (in masks and gloves) to give you the cookies you want.
(4) Take your cookies back to your seat before taking your mask off to eat (like in a restaurant).

We appreciate your willingness to celebrate despite the constraints of this crazy year.