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Response to COVID-19

(News – March 12, 2020)
(Updated – March 13, 2020 to include canceling Sunday School and Children’s Church)

We wanted to give you an update on our thinking about COVID-19 and the church. Our plan at this point is to implement as many preventative measures as possible, but with no intention to cancel church services at this time.

For the foreseeable future we will:

(1) Prepare the church by disinfecting all touchable surfaces in the bathrooms, kitchen and nursery even more thoroughly than we have usually done.

(2) Ask you to refrain from handshaking, face-to-face hugs and other forms of touch. Practice social distancing.

(3) Ask our greeters to open the main doors for individuals so that the door handles will not be a path of transmission.

(4) Encourage washing of hands and sanitizing often during the morning.

(5) Beginning today we will have the communion elements on tables near the front of the sanctuary so that we won’t have to pass trays or touch the elements.

(6) Beginning today we will not have Sunday School or Children’s Church. We will have the nursery clean and available for parents, and the cry room will be clean and open. We ask you to wash hands before using these spaces and clean surfaces afterwards.

(7) Also beginning today we are live streaming the church service on YouTube.

(8) Small groups and other groups are asked to evaluate the situation for themselves and decide if they will meet.

We encourage you to continue participating in the life of the church, but if you have any reason to feel at risk or feel you have been exposed, please prayerfully consider staying away from services and groups until the risk lessens.

Finally, here are two links to thoughts we’ve found particularly cogent for believers:

(1) Love in the Time of Coronavirus by Andy Crouch

(2) COVID Checklist for Followers of Jesus by Rebecca Reynolds

In Him

Bob, for the Elders