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Easter Week: Thursday Communion

Livestream on Trinity’s YouTube Channel: Trinity Fellowship YouTube

7:00 PM to 8:30 PM on Thursday, April 9, 2020

Thursday of Easter week, also known as Maundy Thursday, is one of the greatest moments of the year to celebrate the sacrifice of Christ. We will look at Luke 23:44-56, and remember the death of Jesus. Join us for this quiet service of remembrance, suitable for the whole family. See below for recommendations on preparing for communion in your home.

Because of COVID-19 we will be unable to share the Lord’s Supper at the church. However, we will lead communion during the livestream. We encourage you to prepare for this by providing having bread and juice ready and prepared when the service starts Thursday.

The bread can be any kind of bread at all, but a flatbread like naan, pita, matzoh, or even tortilla is best. Last time I checked these were still available at HEB. The juice can be grape juice or another kind of juice like cranberry or pomegranate. Wine is great too, if no one in your ‘bubble’ would have a problem of conscience or temptation.

Be prepared for communion by having the bread and juice at hand and cups ready. We drink a very small amount on Sunday morning’s, and this is traditional, but your cups don’t have to be tiny.

There will be two livestreams of the service. The first livestream, the Service livestream, will show the worship team, Bob preaching and others leading worship. The second, the PowerPoint livestream, will show only the lyrics to the music and the slides for the message. Both livestreams will include the audio – though they may not be in sync with one another.

You can choose one or both livestreams from our YouTube Channel:

Note that the livestreams will not appear on the channel until we set them up on Thursday evening.