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Annual Congregational Meeting (Updated for COVID-19)

(News March 21, 2020)

Trinity’s Annual Meeting was originally scheduled for Sunday March 29, 2020. However, due to the Coronavirus response, this meeting will have to be rescheduled.

When we realized that the mandatory group size restrictions would certainly still be in effect on March 29, 2020 we made a plan to have the annual meeting as a Zoom meeting. However, an observant church member noticed that we had overlooked the requirement in the church constitution to have the meeting “in person.” So we’re not going to do the Zoom meeting.

Instead, as required by the church constitution, the meeting will take place as originally scheduled, but we ask you NOT to come. This is both to comply with COVID-19 group size requirements and to make sure that when we finally do have the meeting there are no barriers to attending and voting. When the March 29 meeting does not have a quorum we are required by the church constitution to schedule a new meeting no sooner than two weeks later. In fact we’ll wait until we know we’re able to meet face-to-face before we try to reschedule.

Thanks for your cooperation as we navigate the difficult decisions associated with this Coronavirus response.