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Sunday School: Creation Science and Apologetics

Ages: 7th grade – Adult
Location: LIFE Room
Teacher: Doug Rask
The purpose of this study is to help reinforce a biblical world view and prepare students for the intellectual, spiritual, and moral challenges they will face in high school and college, so they aren’t shocked, intimidated, or deceived. Core focus is on Jr. High to High School, but adults are welcome to join the class. The class deals with an assortment of topics on Christian apologetics from both a biblical and scientific perspective.
Topics may include: core beliefs of biblical Christianity, evidences for the historical accuracy of the Bible and the integrity of scripture over time, creation and intelligent design versus evolution and the societal consequences of an evolutionary world view, Old Testament and New Testament archaeology and how they relate to scripture, and possibly recognizing logical fallacies, usually in the context of the creation/ evolution debate.