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Christmas 2017 Series – Angels Strain to See

Last year about this time David Jackson released his Christmas album, “Angels Strain to See,” and I finished making lyric videos for each of the songs. So this year for our Christmas series we’re going to look at six of David’s songs. We’re going to see the Scriptural thinking, the Scriptural allusions in these songs. The goal is to lift our hearts and minds to the wonder of what God did through Jesus, beginning at Christmas and culminating in the cross. I want us to be worshipers of this Jesus, and I believe that worship and wonder go forward hand in hand, especially at Christmas.

Before we get to the plan, here’s a link to the lyric videos for David’s album: Angels Strain to See

Here’s the plan:

December 3 – The Message in the Music 1 (communion)
Title: “If I Be a Father”
Key Sentence: God’s big story is about the broken heart of a father
Texts: Malachi 1:6, 1 John 4:14
Worship: He sent His Son (Christmas and Communion)

December 10 – The Message in the Music 2
Title: “Mary’s Ponderings”
Key Sentence: Ponder anew the mystery of the Son’s humble incarnation
Texts: Luke 1:26 – 2:52
Worship: Incarnation

December 17 – The Message in the Music 3
Title: “Shepherd’s Call”
Key Sentence: Humble eyes still see the revelation of Christ the Lord
Texts: Luke 2:8-20
Worship: Shepherds

December 24 a.m. – The Message in the Music 4
Title: “Angels Came Down”
Key Sentence: Jesus came to save and would not relent until he triumphed
Texts: Hebrews 2:14-18
Worship: Hark!

December 24 PM – The Message in the Music 5
Title: “Angels Strain to See”
Key Sentence: We strain to see as the fullness of time has come – and is coming.
Texts: Galatians 4:4, 1 Peter 1:10-12
Worship: O Little Town

December 31 – The Message in the Music 6
Title: “Lead Me On”
Key Sentence: As the star led the Wise Men, so the Morning Star leads us
Texts: Matthew 2.1-12; Psalms 19.1-6; 2 Peter 1.19; Revelation 22.16
Worship: We Three Kings