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Harvey Update #34 – A Trinity Team January 7th

Bob’s Harvey Update #35
October 28, 2017

Executive Summary: We’re forming a Trinity team to work with Crisis Response from January 7th to January 12th.

It has been awesome to watch teams coming in from all over the country putting on the green Crisis Response shirts to help our friends and neighbors. I’ve talked to many Trinity folks who have wished they could work with them. And you can.

First, on any weekday you can call the new Crisis Response phone number and let Kat or whoever is organizing for that day know that you’d like to go out with a team. Depending on the work being done that day, you’ll probably be welcome.

But second, and more exciting, we are in the process of forming a team of our own for a missions trip to Trinity Fellowship to help with Harvey Response. We’ve settled on the week beginning January 7th, 2018, the week before college classes resume for most of our students. But the team is not restricted to college types. Anyone who can make themselves available from Sunday night (the 7th) to Friday morning (the 12th) is invited to join the team. We will not be staying at the building, because there will be teams from other states working that week as well. But we will encourage our team to fully participate otherwise – coming in time for breakfast and not leaving until after dinner. So check your calendar and see if you can be available to help that week.

A few other items:
(1) Crisis Response has a new phone number. The number we’ve been using is Katrina Welch’s private phone, and it is being overwhelmed with calls. Also, Katrina will be taking a few weeks off for other responsibilities, Thanksgiving, etc. So they’ve gotten a dedicated Trinity Crisis Response phone, and the number is 832-371-0484.

(2) We’ve reworked the main Crisis Response flyer, mostly to change the phone number but also to reflect the state of the response. Click on the linkTrinity Fellowship On Mission Harvey below to see (or print) the full size flyer. We’ve also created a flyer for the foyer of the church which explains Trinity’s involvement with Harvey response. This flyer is useful for anyone walking into the church and wondering what’s going on, or if you would like to explain to someone how God has called us into this ministry. This new flyer is also linked below.

Harvey Flyer Update 171027 single column

Trinity Fellowship On Mission Harvey