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Harvey Update #32: Worship for Harvey Responders

Bob’s Harvey Update #32
October 8, 2017

I’ve been away from Texas a while now, visiting family in Nepal, so my involvement in day to day Harvey response has been small. I’m looking forward to getting back and catching up early next week. In the meantime, I’ve been using the time to pray a lot for those affected by the floods, for those who are responding to help, and for Trinity people as they help.

Two days ago a new ‘collective’ called The Porter’s Gate released their first album. It features people like Josh Garrels, Audrey Assad and Liz Vice, and it’s called ‘Work Songs.’ Each of the songs is a meditation about vocation and faith – our calling in Jesus to be His hands and feet in a needy world. I just finished my first listen to the whole album and I liked it a lot. And it seems to be a perfect fit for those committed to ministry in the wake of Harvey.

Here’s a link to the first song on the album

And here are links to three places where you can purchase the album:



Bandcamp Note: This link is also a great place to read the lyrics

Finally here are lyrics to the last song on the album:

Your Labor is Not in Vain
By Wendell Kimbrough, Paul Zach, and Isaac Wardell

Your labor is not in vain
though the ground underneath you is cursed and stained
Your planting and reaping are never the same
But your labor is not in vain.

For I am with you, I am with you.
I am with you, I am with you
For I have called you,
called you by name
Your labor is not in vain.

Your labor is not unknown
though the rocks they cry out and the sea it may groan.
The place of your toil may not seem like a home
but your labor is not unknown. (refrain)

The vineyards you plant will bear fruit
the fields will sing out and rejoice with the truth,
for all that is old will at last be made new:
the vineyards you plant will bear fruit. (refrain)

The houses you labored to build
will finally with laughter and joy be filled.
The serpent that hurts and destroys shall be killed
and all that is broken be healed. (refrain)