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Harvey Update #26

Bob’s Harvey Updates #26

September 7, 2017 2000

Executive Summary: Everyone can help build this new ministry on a foundation of prayer

We are excited about the opportunity to partner with EFCA Crisis Relief to be the hands and feet of Jesus in the lives of those who have lost so much in in the Harvey floods.

There are four groups of people involved in this ministry:

  1. EFCA Crisis Relief staff and volunteers, who will lead the rebuilding efforts and work logistical and expertise issues for each house we touch;
  2. The homeowners, who will often provide materials, even if they can’t afford to hire a contractor, but who will also be in need of relational support all through the rebuild process;
  3. the visiting teams from all over the United States who will come in to rebuild these houses; and
  4. the people of Trinity Fellowship who will coordinate hospitality to the visiting teams and staff and also try to develop relationships with the families and individuals who are allowing the teams to come into their homes and work.

You may look at this list and think “I can’t do any of those things.” You may have physical limitations, work commitments or parenting responsibilities that make it hard to be involved with Trinity’s part in this. Or you may have been flooded out of your own home, and be 100 percent invested in your own rebuilding. All of that is ok because the foundation of this ministry is not people or projects, important though those are. The foundation is prayer, and each of us can help build this new ministry on that foundation. Anything we build (or re-build) and any relationships that we establish will only be as strong as the prayer foundation.

One of the ways we will be encouraging prayer is by regular prayer updates on the prayer chain. These updates will have two prayer items that never change

Pray that we are able to show the love of Christ in all our outward relationships. Whether we are visiting with someone who has invited us to help in their home or conversing around the table while serving people dinner, it is vitally important that we show the love of Christ. Pray that it would be so.

Pray that the three groups involved in this ministry would have a great and growing love for one another. The EFCA staff, the visiting teams, and the people and leaders of Trinity Fellowship can glorify God by this love despite stress, tension and differing expectations and views. Pray that it would be so,

In addition to this constant daily prayer reminder, each day’s prayer chain will have one or more specific items to pray for. This might be as simple as the identity of teams serving through the church that week or the specific need of an EFCA staff member, homeowner, Trinity support person or team member.

I want to implore you to commit to praying. If you are not yet part of the prayer chain, let me know your e-mail address and we will add you. If you are, check your e-mail now and see what today’s prayer requests might be.