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Harvey Update #23

Bob’s Harvey Update #23
September 3, 2017 2200

It was a joy to see so many of you at church this morning. Praise God for his comfort and for the Body of Christ, which has entered so many homes this week.

I have a few practical thoughts tonight.

(1) I’ve had the privilege of sending out many crews from Grace Bible Church and A&M. It seems that having a crew of four or more show up when there is lots of work to be done is very effective. Trinity people, on the other hand, have been going to help each other spontaneously and organically, which is great. But I’m wondering whether a little more organization of Trinity folks would be an improvement. I don’t really want to tell people where to go, but if you can tell us where you’re going, say, by text, (to me, Sherry Early and/or Iva) we could have a better handle on where we’re working, and maybe even redirect a few folks for better coverage.

(2) This is Concrobium. It is a mold control substance that encapsulates and kills mold. Several of you are getting close to the place where this stuff will become important. Once the house, especially the 2×4’s and walls, is thoroughly dry, you can use this stuff to stop the mold (and incidentally, the smell.) Bleach does not have the long term effectiveness of this stuff.

We have gotten an initial supply of 20 gallons of Concrobium. It turned out to be readily available at the Pearland Home Depot, though the website said there was none. In any event, we are offering Concrobium free to homes we work in, and we will try to provide crews to apply it as well.

(3) This is a FEMA waste pile graphic. Some of the homes we’ve worked in will be disappointed when FEMA does not take away their piles because the construction debris, organic material and appliances are all mixed up together. We will try to have (very noble) crews available to help people rearrange their piles. Let us know.

Well, that’s all for tonight. If you want to be sent out with a crew, just show up at Trinity around 8:30 or 9:00.