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Harvey Update #19

Bob’s Harvey Update #19
August 31, 2017, 2045

Trinity Fellowship and friends have been scattered all across the region today gutting flooded houses. These included the Murrays, the Reeds, the Winklers, the Norris’, the Kittles, the Zeeks, the Worshams, and the Hughes.

Tomorrow, work will continue on all of these houses, either cleaning, removing sheet rock, doing mold remediation or helping people organize. We hope as many of you as possible will participate. In addition we hope to have five to eight teams from Grace Bible Church coming to Trinity and helping on houses. In addition to those mentioned above we will be working on Faye Ray’s house a few doors down from the Winkler’s. We will also be offering help to others. We’ve created a flyer and obtained the EFCA Crisis Response release of liability form and we will be offering help to any houses in these neighborhoods that don’t seem to have gotten started yet. Our goal is not only to provide physical help, but to build relationships with these folks for the sake of Christ.

A few pictures from today. I also posted a brief film on Facebook

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