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Harvey Update #9

Bob’s Harvey Update #9
August 27, 2017, 2100
(Note: Updates 7 and 8 were Facebook only)

Executive summary: More rain, but prayerfully not as extreme. Sleep if you can.

Most of the rain at the moment is off to our north and east. There is one rain band slowly rotating into our part of town, and it could bring significant rain tonight, but prayerfully, without the extreme rates or duration we saw last night. The forecast is still for more rain over the next several days, but again without the intensity we saw last night.

The National Hurricane Center is forecasting that Harvey will drift back toward the coast over the next 24 hours, then turn north east and pick up a little bit of speed. Eric Berger is saying that even if Harvey spends a little time over the water, he will not pick up too much intensity.

I’m not going to include a full list people updates. Not that much has changed since this afternoon. I did hear that Bruce and Annie found that one of their cars had been badly flooded in the night, and the other at least had water to the exhaust. Pray for them.

Also many have asked about the church. I don’t have firsthand knowledge, but Iva missed the wave off and made it to the church this morning. She walked through the building and found only a few places that were damp. Hopefully no long term damage. I’ll try to get out there tomorrow, conditions permitting.

I’m praying that the Lord will give all of us rest tonight. I’ll be up early if anyone wants to check in.