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Harvey Update #6

Bob’s Harvey Update #6
August 27, 2017, 0128 a.m.

Executive summary: Major rain event still in progress, church cancelled.

Well, that was fast. It’s only a little over three hours since I went to sleep, and now many of us are in a huge mess. Please pray for those whose homes are flooding as we speak, and pray for this rain to let up for a while.

The rain band that was forming up this afternoon landed with a vengeance, passing very slowly over Houston and essentially stalling just east of Houston. That’s us. Eric Berger says “Earlier tonight we discussed two major concerns for the rest of the night—that a primary rain band moving north-northeast across Houston would stall, and that a second rain band moving toward west Houston would strengthen. Both subsequently happened, creating a super-mega-rainball of doom that that stretched across Houston from Tomball and The Woodlands down to Texas City. And as of 12:45am CT on Sunday, it shows no signs of abating.”

I’m aware of at least one family who had to leave their house (Norris’s – to Shinpaugh’s) and several others who are actively flooding (Jacksons, Earlys). I have no way of checking on the church, but I would not be surprised if it’s taking water. We’ll just have to pray and see about that.

So, bottom line, we’re going to go ahead and cancel church, mostly to keep people from trying to get there, but also to free up a little energy to help others. Please post updates and statuses on the facebook page if you can.

DeGray status – cul de sac full, water halfway up driveway, but none in the house. We are actively preparing the first floor for water.