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Harvey Update #4

Bob’s Harvey Update #4
August 26, 2017, 8:00 a.m.

Good morning. I trust most of you made it through the night without incident. If anyone has needs, please let us know.

Right at the moment (7:45 a.m.) it looks like we own the fiercest rain band. It’s rained about two inches at my nearest weather station since I got up this morning, and that is likely to continue. It will probably be intermittent, but cumulative, so that we start to see those large rainfall totals and full watersheds we’ve been talking about.

As far as the future goes, according to Eric Berger late last night, “the models have no clue.” He rates the “northeast for several days” options at about seventy percent change, but the “wander off into southTexas” option is (was?) up to about thirty percent.

My plan is to stay pretty much at home today. I hope yours is too. If we get a break in the rain, I’ll cautiously drive around to figure out where any high water might be, especially near the church. Based on this data, developments through the day and input from others, we’ll make a preliminary decision about tomorrow’s church service by my afternoon update. I would value any input, opinion or data your might have.