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I Am Ashamed – Sandra McCracken – Lyrics

‘I Am Ashamed’
Lyrics by D. A. Carson; music by Sandra McCracken
©2016 Drink Your Tea Music

I do not own the rights to the music. Please support the artists by buying the song. Or download for free here: Let’s Sing the Beauty of Confession

Sandra says: “I was compelled by Don’s text because it’s a confessional and Psalm-like subject, and because confession isn’t en vogue in our contemporary church songs. I wonder if we often resist this subject in our corporate songs because, like our first parents in the Garden of Eden, we’re swamped with a low hum of guilt as we go about our everyday life. We hide out in fig leaves of blaming and resenting and counting up our losses. When we cover ourselves with anything but Jesus, we get stuck in the shadows of our own hearts and feel powerless in our broken relationships.”

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