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Trinity on Mission – Making a Difference

God is on the move!

From time to time I want to share some of the ways God is working among us and using us to accomplish a small but real part of his kingdom purposes.

I want to begin with the famous “Starfish” story. Here’s a very short, very good version:

This year we’re focusing on making a difference through six specific ministries.


The Awana year ended on May 21st and it was a good one. We had the opportunity to speak God’s word in to the lives of dozens of children, and we saw a number of them profess faith in Christ. We also had some incredible special events, due to the faithful diligence of Commander Dan and Api.

Caring Allies

This one has been tough. We hope to make progress this summer in organizing a little more for the relational aspects of our benevolence. On the positive side, we have been able to help several people, both in our body and in our community, not just financially but with prayer and caring relationships. If you would like to be part of this ministry, let me known. You can make a difference for people right here in our church or community.

Fearfully and Wonderfully Made

Our newest ministry is going very, very well. We’ve been meeting every month with families who are involved with foster care or adoption. We’re culminating this first year with the Rooted Conference from Hope for Orphans. It will be held at the church on June 24th. One of the awesome things about this conference is that both of our summer missions teams – GUM and Slovakia – are helping with the conference and raising funds. Learn more here and contact Traci Winkler if you would like to help.

Community Pregnancy Center

The awesome thing about this ministry is that lives are saved. Lives of babies whose mothers choose life, and lives of mothers and even fathers who hear the Good News of Jesus are respond. Todd has been spending time at the CPC each week and speaking to the fathers who occasionally accompany their wives or girlfriends. Recently he talked to a father while a female counselor talked to the mother, and he later learned that this married couple decided to keep their baby. Oh, and two more words: Baby Bottles. You can make a difference.

Galveston Urban Ministries

After a successful school-year program, we’re gearing up for a week of summer ministry. The GUM team will be on the island the first week, working on GUM projects in the morning and doing children’s ministry in the park in the afternoon. We’re even hosting a family film night! Contact Paul Bauer if you would like to make a difference in some of the last-minute needs that inevitably come up.

Slovakia and World Missions

Miriam Early left for Slovakia this week to work with Josiah Venture on this summer’s Kecy camps. Two of those camps for teens will be staffed by our Slovakia team, which leaves on June 29th. The ten member team will also be leading two English camps for younger children. Your prayers will make a difference to their ministry (and to all these ministries.) Also, two words: translucent milk cartons.

Make a difference for one life by praying and participating