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Imagine a World – Slideshow Version

A narrative exploring the question “What would change if a world (or a culture) enthusiastically embraced God’s design for sex.”

I’ve been frustrated with the combination of nonchalance and hypocrisy that our culture displays toward sex. One morning as I was praying about this, trying to get a handle on it, the phrase ‘Imagine a world where God’s design for marriage was enthusiastically embraced” came into my head. This video (and the associated Facebook post) is the result of that thought process. I was amazed at how quickly you can come up with a list of things that change for the better.

Here is the slide-show version of the narrative. The link to the YouTube version and some further notes are below the slideshow.

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Here is the link to the narrated Youtube version: Imagine a World

(1) Copyright 2017 by Robert J. DeGray. All images are royalty free or creative commons licensed. Details available on request.

(2) I realize that for most of us we’ve already fallen into some or more of the sins or been subject to the evils mentioned. I can’t emphasize enough that there is grace in Jesus for forgiveness and healing. Those who receive that gift of grace, we can enthusiastically endorse God’s design, even though we still live with the consequences of brokenness to some extent.

(3) I also realize that a lot of this is not politically or culturally correct. Many people may see some of these things not as ills but as progress. I have tried to follow the impact of embracing God’s design where-ever it led, even where this conflicted with our culture.

(4) Finally, I realize that this is a very idealized view. Some may say this could never happen. My point is not that all this would work out perfectly in this fallen world, but that so many evils and stresses are the direct result of not following God’s design.

In Christ