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Winter 2017 Preaching: Redemptive Moments in the Life of Jesus

This winter (and spring) we will continue to explore God’s Big Story, but now we will focus on the life of Jesus – the moments when God’s Big Idea became apparent in the words and actions of the Savior. We’ve structured to bring us right into Easter, and we’ll go a little bit further after that to wrap up.


Here’s the plan:

January 1 – God’s Big Story, Week 18, (New Year)
Title: The First Coming of the Nations
Text: Matthew 2:1-12, the Wise Men
Worship: The Nations will Worship
Key Sentence: The journey of the wise men is a small preview of things to come

January 8 – God’s Big Story, Week 19
Title: The Ministry of John the Baptist
Text: Matthew 3:1-12
Worship: Ready for the King
Key Sentence: When the time comes, point to Jesus

January 15 – God’s Big Story, Week 20
Title: The Baptism of Jesus
Text: Matthew 3:13-17 (cf your son whom you love)
Worship: Blessed Trinity
Key Sentence: The Father’s beloved Son was filled with the Spirit

January 22 – Todd Cobbs Preaching (Bob and Gail to Colorado)

January 29 – God’s Big Story, Week 21
Title: The Temptation of Jesus
Text: Matthew 4:1-11 (cf. the garden)
Worship: Save in Thy Written Word
Key Sentence: Satan never changes his tactics, so we need to change ours.

February 5 – God’s Big Story, Week 22
Title: The Beginning of Ministry
Text: Luke 4:14-30
Worship: Good News
Key Sentence: In Jesus we find the fulfillment of Scripture

February 12 – David Jackson Preaching (Bob to Austin)(Todd to Colorado)

February 19 – God’s Big Story, Week 23 (Todd to Colorado)
Title: The Heart of the Gospel
Text: Matthew 5:1-12, 6:9-13
(Sermon on the Mount) (cf. Jeremiah and Ezekiel)
Worship: Blessed Are You
Key Sentence: In Jesus’ Kingdom we get to operate at a heart level

February 26 – God’s Big Story, Week 24
Title: By Faith
Text: Matthew 9:1-8, John 6:22-40
Worship: By Faith
Key Sentence: Jesus points to faith as the key to forgiveness and eternal life

March 5 – God’s Big Story, Week 25
Title: His Power
Text: Mark 1:21-28, Matthew 8:23-27, John 6:1-14, Luke 8:40-56
Worship: In the Storm
Key Sentence: Like every created thing, we should submit to him in awe

March 12 – God’s Big Story, Week 26
Title: Who Do Men Say that I Am
Text: Matthew 16:13-23
Worship: You are the Christ
Key Sentence: What is your answer to Jesus’ most important question?

March 19 – God’s Big Story, Week 27
Title: The Transfiguration
Text: Matthew 16:24-28, Matthew 17:1-8
Worship: We Have Seen His Glory
Key Sentence: Those who will follow will see his glory

March 26 – God’s Big Story, Week 28
Title: Why Did the Son of Man Come?
To Seek and Save the Lost (Luke 19:1-10)
To Give his Life a Ransom for many (Matthew 20:20-28)
Worship: God has ransomed us
Key Sentence: The glory of Christ is the self-sacrificing opposite of any man’s

April 2 – God’s Big Story, Week 29
Title: One Man to Die for the People
Text: John 11:45-57
Worship: Arise My Soul Arise
Key Sentence: Not even the nation is of more importance than accepting Christ
Watch out when you begin sacrificing Christ for any other cause

April 9 – God’s Big Story, Week 29, Palm Sunday
Title: With Shouts of Hosanna
Text: Matthew 21:1-11
Worship: Hosanna to the Son of David
Key Sentence: Too often we praise the promised king on our own terms.
This is, by the THE IT of God’s big story

April 13 – God’s Big Story, Week 30, Thursday of Easter Week
Title: This is My Body, This is My Blood
Text: Matthew 26:26-29 (cf Passover)
Worship: Smitten, Stricken and Afflicted
Key Sentence: The fulcrum of eternity turned on a hill in Palestine

April 16 – God’s Big Story, Week 31 Easter Sunrise
Title: Did not our Hearts Burn within us
Text: “The Road to Emmaus” Luke 24:13-35 He opened all of Scripture
Worship: Hear the Bells Ringing
Key Sentence: The risen Christ gave the best version of God’s Big Story

April 16 – God’s Big Story Week 32 – Easter Service
Title: The Culminating Victory
Text:Luke 24:1-52
Worship: He is Risen
Key Sentence: Every hope that we have is a resurrection hope

April 23 – Guest Preacher (Bob off)

April 30 – God’s Big Story, Week 28, Ascension and Pentecost

May 7 – God’s Big Story, Week 29, The Gospel for the Nations

May 14 – God’s Big Story, Week 30, The Epistles

May 21 – God’s Big Story, Week 31, Return of Christ and the Age to Come

May 28 – God’s Big Story, Week 32, Eternity

June 4 – Summer Series begins