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Psalm 24 – Keith & Kristyn Getty – Lyrics

Psalm 24 (The King Of Glory)
As performed by Keith & Kristyn Getty

Written by Chris Tomlin, Ed Cash, Keith Getty and Kristyn Getty © 2016 S. D. G. Publishing, Sixsteps Songs, Worship Together Music, Alletrop Music, and Getty Music Publishing

I do not own the rights to the music. Please support the artists by buying the song or the album (“Facing a Task Unfinished.”)

The images of gates are mostly Creative Commons licensed or purchased from A few were simply found on the web, and if anyone knows of any copyright issues we would be glad to give appropriate credit. Note that the gates shown when the lyric says “Swing wide you ancient gates” are the so-called “Beautiful Gate” of Jerusalem, now stoned up but functional in Jesus’ day. The imagery also includes the still functional Damascus gate of Jerusalem.