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Come Away With Me – Ron Block / Rebecca Reynolds – Lyrics

“Come Away With Me”
©2016 by Ron Block and Rebecca Reynolds
Music: Ron Block/Moonlight Canyon Publishing/BMI.
Lyrics: Rebecca Reynolds/Wynken Owl/BMI.

I do not own the rights to the music or the performance. Please support the artists by purchasing the song or the album (the album is “Trouble Go Down,” by Ron Block and Jeff Taylor.)

Ron Block: guitars, banjo, lead vocal; Jeff Taylor: piano; Barry Bales: bass; Tim Crouch: strings; Lisa Forbes: vocals; Sierra Hull: mandolin; John Mock: bodhran

All video copyright 2012-2016 by Robert J. DeGray. All Rights Reserved. Shot at various locations around Slovakia, especially in the Liptovsky region and in the High Tatras.

The quotations are from an article by Rebecca Reynolds on the Rabbit Room website: