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Summer 2016 Series: Compassionate Outreach

This summer we are exploring what the Bible has to say to us about our calling to show God’s compassion in a needy world. We will talk about meeting spiritual, emotional and material needs, and consider what God wants us to do as a church. Several of the elders will be joining Bob to preach different aspects of this truth.

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Here’s the plan:

June 26 – Dan Wales preaching
Compassionate Outreach Week 1: Romans 12 & 13

July 3 – Doug Rask preaching
Compassionate Outreach Week 2: Job 29 & selections from Proverbs

July 10 – Bob
Compassionate Outreach Week 3: Mark 6:30-34, Matthew 9:35-38
Title: Jesus, the Crowds and Compassion, Part 1
Worship: The Gospel of the Kingdom
Key Sentence: In compassion, Jesus ministers to our minds and hearts.

July 17 – Bob
Compassionate Outreach Week 4: Mark 8:1-8, Matthew 14:13-14,
Title: Jesus, the Crowds and Compassion, Part 2
Worship: The Powerful Compassion of Jesus
Key Sentence: Jesus shows the power of his love by meeting material needs

July 24 – Bob
Compassionate Outreach Week 5: Deuteronomy 10:14-22
Title: God of the Sojourner
Worship: He is Your Praise!
Key Sentence: The awesome God of creation loves refugees

July 31 – Todd Cobbs preaching
2 Chronicles 20

August 7 – Bob
Compassionate Outreach Week 6: Deuteronomy 24:17-22
Title: The Sojourner, the Fatherless and the Widow
Worship: Rescued from Slavery (Communion)
Key Sentence: The rescued get to give part of themselves to the distressed

August 14 – Bob
Compassionate Outreach Week 7: John 4:1-42
Title: The Deepest Need
Worship: Jesus the Living Water
Key Sentence: Jesus knows the deepest needs of our hearts, and meets them.

August 21 – Bob
Compassionate Outreach Week 8: Leviticus 19:9-18 (your neighbor)
Title: Love Your Neighbor as Yourself
Worship: I am the Lord your God
Key Sentence: Every facet of your life is connected to your neighbor’s life

August 28 – Jimmy Allen Preaching
Text: John 17