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Heart Prep for Sunday, June 28th, 2015

The text this week is Psalm 19:7-14. Bob and Gail will be showing the value of God’s Word in the growth of a disciple. The worship will focus on the Word of God and the visuals will be ‘grunge’ Bibles.

Denali National Park in autumn, Alaska, USA, North America

Here is the link to the YouTube playlist: 150628 Heart Prep

O Word of God Incarnate

Worship Set:
In the Secret

Teach Me to Pray – Still no YouTube of this David Jackson favorite

Psalm 19:7-11 The law of the LORD is perfect, reviving the soul; the testimony of the LORD is sure, making wise the simple; 8the precepts of the LORD are right, rejoicing the heart; the commandment of the LORD is pure, enlightening the eyes; 9the fear of the LORD is clean, enduring forever; the rules of the LORD are true, and righteous altogether. 10More to be desired are they than gold, even much fine gold; sweeter also than honey and drippings of the honeycomb. 11Moreover, by them is your servant warned; in keeping them there is great reward.

Speak, O Lord

Laden with Guilt

Psalm 119:97-105 Oh how I love your law! It is my meditation all the day. 98Your commandment makes me wiser than my enemies, for it is ever with me. 99I have more understanding than all my teachers, for your testimonies are my meditation. 100I understand more than the aged, for I keep your precepts. 101I hold back my feet from every evil way, in order to keep your word. 102I do not turn aside from your rules, for you have taught me. 103How sweet are your words to my taste, sweeter than honey to my mouth! 104Through your precepts I get understanding; therefore I hate every false way. 105 Your word is a lamp to my feet and a light to my path.

Thy Word

You Speak

Standing on the Promises – Hymn #271

Video: The Word – Sara Groves


The Law of the Lord is Perfect

Every Promise – Getty