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A different kind of Heart Prep for Sunday, May 17th, 2015

As I’ve prepared for this week’s message on James 5:1-6, I’ve run across a few resources on wealth and poverty that have intrigued or appalled me. I wanted to give you a few links that may help you with heart prep before, or reinforcement after, Sunday’s message.

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The main one is a large, fascinating document called Greed & Oppression of the Poor, (An Every-Verse Method study) By K. Scott Schaeffer As the title implies, this is a brief review of every verse in Scripture on the topics of Greed, Generosity, Oppression, Poverty etc. The author’s comments are minimal but helpful and the weight of the Scripture can make a huge impact. Download the PDF: Greed-Oppression-of-the-Poor-Every-Verse-Method

Here are a couple of articles on the state of giving in America:

Why the Rich Don’t Give

Wealthy Americans are Giving Less of Their Incomes

And a fascinating TED talk by Gary Haugen, the President of International Justice Mission. (This is not even mentioned in the message, but it’s related)