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Bob’s Author Website and Facebook Page

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As part of the preparation for the release of We Never Stood Alone, I have been working on an author website and Facebook page. “WW2 Christian Fiction” doesn’t just promote the book, but shares:
– interesting aspects of World War 2 history,
– other fiction I’ve written, especially short stories.
– the spiritual implications for us of what people went through in World War 2.

I’ll only be posting about these things on Trinity’s web page once or twice between now and the publication of the book. If you want to follow more closely, I’d like to ask you, right now, to:

(1) visit the web site, and please, please, join the e-mail list. E-mails will be rare, but the growth of this list is an important part of the preparation for publishing the book.

(2) visit the Facebook page, WW2 Christian Fiction and like it and follow it. This will get at least some of the posts on the website into your Facebook news feed. You can share it on your own timeline if you’d like – that would be a great help!

Thanks so much for allowing me to pursue writing! I appreciate your continued prayer and your interest in keeping up with the process.

In Him


P.S. if you want to see the draft cover of We Never Stood Alone, it’s on the website!