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Preaching Plan, Spring 2014: Matthew

This spring we’ll be looking at key passages from the second half of Matthew, culminating on Easter, April 20th.

Also available as a PDF: Preaching Plan Spring 2014

January 5, Week 17 (Communion)
Title: What comes out of your heart?
Text: Matthew 15:1-20
Worship: Purify My Heart
Key Sentence: Jesus calls us to see our fallen hearts as the heart of the problem

January 12, Week 18
Title: The Heart of the Gospel
Text: Matthew 16:13-28
Worship: You are the Christ
Key Sentence: The heart of the Messiah’s mission is sacrifice.

January 19, Week 19
Title: The Limits of Faith
Text: Matthew 17:14-23
Worship: By Faith
Key Sentence: Faith it can move mountains, but cannot change God’s plan.

January 26, Week 20
Title: Forgiveness
Text: Matthew 18:15-35
Worship: Forgiveness is a Miracle
Key Sentence: Offer forgiveness early and often

February 2, Week 21 (Communion)
Title: Divorce
Text: Matthew 19:3-9
Worship: A Faithful God
Key Sentence: What God has joined together let not man rend asunder

February 9, Week 22 (possibly Murry Billingsley)
Title: The Unjust Laborers
Text: Matthew 20:1-16
Worship: He Gives Grace
Key Sentence: Grumbling about grace freely given should be a warning light on your dashbord

February 16, Week 23
Title: To Whom is the Kingdom Given?
Text: Matthew 21:28-45
Worship: He Sent His Son to Them
Key Sentence: Everything hinges on your response to the Son

February 23, Week 24
Title: God and Caesar
Text: Matthew 22:15-22
Worship: Above All
Key Sentence: Giving God all things does not preclude proper respect for the state.

March 2, Week 25 (Communion)
Title: Woe
Text: Matthew 23:13-26
Worship: We Shed His Innocent Blood
Key Sentence: The greatest woe is to miss the one God has sent!

March 9, Week 26
Title: The Beginning of the End
Text: Matthew 24:1-14
Worship: Until the Daybreak
Key Sentence: The beginning of the end is found in the tragic common of the fallen world.

March 16, Week 27
Title: With Power and Great Glory
Text: Matthew 24:15-44
Worship: Coming to Rescue
Key Sentence: Despite tribulation, the Son will come to rescue his own

March 23, Week 28
Title: The Talents
Text: Matthew 25:14-30
Worship: Faithful Servants
Key Sentence: There is really nothing more desirable than the Master’s ‘well done.’

March 30, Week 29 (Todd)
Title: The Sheep and the Goats
Text: Matthew 25:31-46
Worship: Joy to the World
Key Sentence: The way you treat the needy is the way you treat Jesus.

April 6, Week 30 (Communion)
Title: Given for You
Text: Matthew 26:17-29
Worship: This is my body; this is my blood
Key Sentence: He sacrificed himself for the forgiveness of sins

April 13, Week 31
Title: Palm Sunday, Behold Your King
Text: Matthew 21:1-17
Worship: Behold Your King
Key Sentence: For one brief, shining moment, some recognized a glimpse of the future.

April 17, Week 32 (Thursday of Easter Week, Communion)
Title: Forsaken
Text: Matthew 27:32-54
Worship: My God, my God, why have you forsaken me?
Key Sentence: The world pivots the moment when God the Son was forsaken by God the Father.

April 20, Easter Sunrise: (Mary?)

April 20, Week 33, Easter Service
Title: He is Risen
Text: Matthew 28:1-15
Worship: He is Risen
Key Sentence: No matter how much men try to hide it, the resurrection is the truth

April 27, Week 34
Title: Make Disciples
Text: Matthew 28:16-20
Worship: Go into all the World
Key Sentence: Everywhere you go, Jesus goes with you to make disciples.

May 4th and following are Bob’s sabbatical. Todd will be preaching from 1st Thessalonians through the beginning of August.