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Updated Preaching Schedule for Fall and Christmas 2013

We’ve been working our way through the Gospel of Matthew, not preaching every verse, but selecting passages that are lesser known or present difficulties in understanding or application. Come and enjoy these challenging messages.

During the Holidays we will look at Christmas In Isaiah – This series will feature Christmas and Salvation texts from Isaiah that were not preached in last spring’s Isaiah series. These will be woven into five back-stories for characters in Bob’s upcoming novel ‘His Dwelling Among Us.’

Here are the details:

November 10, Week 13
Title: “I Desire Mercy, Not Sacrifice”
Text: Matthew 12:1-14
Worship: His Mercy Triumphs!
Key Sentence: Will we follow the rules, or do what is merciful and good?

November 17, Week 14
Title: The Kingdom and the Weeds
Text: Matthew 13:24-46
Worship: The Kingdom
Key Sentence: Even with weeds, the kingdom is the place Jesus wants us to be!

November 24, Week 15
Title: Without Faltering
Text: Matthew 14:1-36
Worship: The Son of God in Power
Key Sentence: The enemy will try to daunt us, but we must continue God’s work.

Christmas In Isaiah

December 1 – “Vimy Ridge”
Title: The Prince of Peace
Text: Isaiah 9:1-7
Worship: Unto Us a Child is Born
Key Sentence: In the midst of warfare, One will come to bring peace.

December 8 – “Toronto”
Title: A Virgin Will Conceive
Text: Isaiah 7:10-17
Worship: Immanuel
Key Sentence: The prophecies that came true are true!

December 15 – “Annie’s Song”
Title: I Will Trust and Not be Afraid
Text: Isaiah 12:1-6
Worship: Joy
Key Sentence: When salvation breaks in, joy breaks out

December 22 – “Pandemic”
Title: To Comfort Those Who Mourn
Text: Isaiah 61:1-4
Worship: Good News
Key Sentence: At the lowest moments of our lives, Jesus comes to set us free

December 24 – “Straightened Out”
Title: Out of You, O Bethlehem
Text: Micah 5:1-5, Isaiah 40:1-11
Worship: O Little Town of Bethlehem
Key Sentence: When we wander we need the Shepherd