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Hail Thou, My Soul’s First Sun – Rebecca Reynolds

Hail Thou, My Soul’s First Sun
Music by Donna and Joe Murray
Lyrics by Rebecca Reynolds, Wynken Owl, BMI
Copyright 2013

I do not own the rights to the music. As far as I know this collaboration is only available on Youtube. Please support the composers and the wonderful lyricist, Rebecca Reynolds.

Video credits:
Opening sunrise: Nature’s Lullaby — Sunrise Daytona Beach. Creative Commons
Earth in Space: Planet Earth View from Space in HD
Space Sunrise — source unknown
Sunrise from Space — Manoj Kumar —
Flora: shot by the author in Pennsylvania, California and Texas, copyright 2012 and 2013
Sundial: Beachfront B-Roll, Sundial Timelapse. Creative Commons
Sun Time Lapse: Time lapse of a full day on Mount Tom