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Help Wanted: Sermon Video Processing

sermon video with projectorOne of the last recommendations Jim Dutton gave me before moving to Colorado was that Trinity needed to consistently put sermon videos on our Youtube channel. We started to do so last summer, and they have been quite well received. But the downside is that each week after the sermon I spend three to four hours processing the video from the camera to the Youtube channel and promoting it on our website and Facebook page. Worse, I usually do this on Monday, which is supposed to be my day off, since my schedule the rest of the week doesn’t have that many extra hours.

So I’m looking for someone who would like to go up this ‘Sermon Video Processing’ learning curve and take over this facet of our ministry. The process is more tedious than complicated, and anyone with a basic comfort level dealing with software and the internet would be a good candidate.

You would need to take the raw video and powerpoint slides and videos from Bob after church on Sunday, and then use Adobe Premiere Elements (which the church would provide) to piece together the Youtube version. Then you would upload it to our channel. You would promote it by creating a simple post on our website and a link on our Facebook page. I am more than willing to train you in all these things!

If you are even a little interested, or know someone who is, please let me know. It would be a blessing to get helped in this area!