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Website back up and some Youtube engagement

We’re glad to report that the church web site is back up. Our host server was hacked on Tuesday and had to be restored from backup. Fortunately everything seems to be fine now, and thanks to Frank Kittle’s quick action, we didn’t lose anything.

When the site went down I was writing a post about our Youtube channel. The last time I did an update on the channel, which was February of this year, we had reached 45,000 lifetime hits and 25,000 in the last 365 days. Last week we passed 125,000 hits, and almost 100,000 of them have been in the last 365 days. We receive many positive comments on the content, especially the lyric videos, and we pray that God is working in people’s lives through these many settings of His word.

If you would like to help our channel reach even more people, watch some videos and ‘like’ them. One ‘like’ is equivalent to many hits in terms of a video’s placement in a search result.

125000 1

125000 2