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Awana Pre-Season Week 1 Update

awana aprrovedDear Awana Leaders and Helpers;

Thanks to all of you who came out to the first Awana pre-season meeting last Sunday (August 18th). Our second and last pre-season meeting will be this Sunday (August 25th) from 4:30 to 6:30 p.m. We will talk about how to share the Gospel, think a little more about staffing and then have time to meet as clubs and prepare. If you are planning to help with Awana this year, it would be really good to be there.

For those who have never had a Volunteer interview, we are planning to do a few during and immediately after the pre-season meeting. Attached is the volunteer questionnaire which forms the basis of the interview. Please fill this form out and bring it with you if you need to be interviewed. We may not get all the interviews done Sunday, but we can at least make a start.

Volunteer Interview Form

Let me summarize some of the key results from last Sunday’s meeting:

(1) We still need a commander – or co-commanders. Please continue to pray for God’s provision in this area.

(2) Ron and Becky Pratt, who were present at the meeting, are working on an area-wide club for Trek and Journey (the junior high and senior high Awana programs). Ron and Becky and their kids will be attending Awana at Trinity this year, and they have many years of experience with the program. We currently don’t have a formal Journey program, and Trek, led by Michelle Murray, tries to focus on relationships and understanding of the Gospel for the unchurched kids who attend. So a place that provides help and fellowship to those interested in the Trek and Journey materials would be welcome.

(3) We talked about a few schedule logistics and agreed that (a) The Truth and Training clubs will try to be more deliberate about a formal opening, possibly by having the kids sit in chairs, rather than standing around the game circle for the opening. (b) The schedule will be changed so that council time and closing ceremonies officially begin at 6:00 p.m. rather than 5:55 p.m. (c) It is really important for the teens who help with Awana to remain on task all evening. This helps with schedule and discipline. Club leaders should remind their helpers where they are supposed to be all evening. (d) The game time for the Truth and Training clubs needs to be prayerfully thought about: feedback seems to say that the games are too competitive and physical for most of the girls this age, but the opposite for most of the boys. Ideas are welcome!

(4) We still have some staff needs, especially to help with cubbies, but also in each other clubs, with the possible exception of the boys Truth & Training group.

bacon-art-roses(5) Finally, we looked at the event list for the year and came up with the following titles and seed thoughts for special events: (a) Food activity: Makin’ Bacon (edible art and architecture with bacon); (b) Costume activity: Chameleon Night (try to look like someone from another culture); (c) Treasure hunt: Guess Who? (clues solved by guessing a Bible character); (d) Obstacle Course: Searchlight night (find your way through over and around the maze in the semi-dark); and (e) Spudtastic Night (how much fun can you have with a potato?). We will also have Ice Cream/Parent Night, Bible Quiz, Grand Priz and Water events.

(6) I am editing the Parent / Leader handbook to reflect all this, and any additional staffing information that becomes known, and will have a draft next Sunday.

(7) Registration forms are available online and paper copies will be available next Sunday. We want to especially encourage outreach to new kids and increased involvement by Trinity families this year.