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Fall Series: Hidden Gems in Matthew

This fall we have been studying the Gospel of Matthew. We’re not looking at every verses, but we are trying to address many of the passages that we look at less frequently. There are a lot of hidden gems in this Gospel, and our understanding of the Savior we walk with will be increased by unearthing them. Plan to read along in the Gospel each week. You’ll only have to read about a chapter a week!

We’ll take a break from the Gospel at Christmas

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August 11, Week 1
Title: Matthew’s Begats
Text: Matthew 1:1-17
Worship: Christmas in August
Key Sentence: God is THE master at working a plan

August 18, Week 2
Title: Rachel Weeping
Text: Matthew 2:13-18
Worship: God’s good rescues
Key Sentence: God’s good rescue is always seen in stark contrast to the world’s evil

August 25, Week 3:
Title: The Ministry of John the Baptist or Be Ready
Text: Matthew 3:1-12
Worship: Carry the Fire
Key Sentence: Repentance is turning from self to the mightier one

September 1, Week 4
Title: Temptation
Text: Matthew 4:1-11
Worship: The Word is Alive
Key Sentence: Jesus shows us how to deal with temptation in dependence

September 8, Week 5
Title: Retaliation
Text: Matthew 5:38-48
Worship: The Perfection of the Father
Key Sentence: We are called to follow Jesus into non-retaliation

September 15, Week 6
Title: Treasures in Heaven
Text: Matthew 6:19-24 (Todd)

September 22, Week 7
Title: The Few
Text: Matthew 7:13-23
Worship: I Have Decided to Follow Jesus
Key Sentence: Jesus’ people prefer to choose Jesus’ way

September 29, Week 8: The King Among Us 1
Title: The King Who Heals
Text: Matthew 8:1-17
Worship: His Care for Us
Key Sentence: We know he is the king because he heals

October 6, Week 9: The King Among Us 2
Title: He Calms the Storm
Text: Matthew 8:23-34
Worship: With Jesus in the Storm
Key Sentence: Jesus has power over every physical and spiritual affliction

October 13, Week 10: The King Among Us 3
Title: Forgiveness and Restoration
Text: Matthew 9:1-13
Worship: A God of Forgiveness and Relationship
Key Sentence: Jesus forgives and calls sinner

October 20, Week 11: The King Among Us 4
Title: Moved with Compassion
Text: Matthew 9:14-38
Worship: A God of Compassion
Key Sentence: The King has come among us in compassion

October 27, Week 12
Title: Rules for a Hostile Road
Text: Matthew 10:1-42
Worship: Onward Christian Soldiers
Key Sentence: Take seriously Jesus’ instructions and promises

November 3, Week 13:
Title: “Who did you go out to see?”
Text: Matthew 11:1-15
Worship: Prepare Ye the Way of the Lord
Key Sentence: Jesus points to John because John points to Jesus

November 10, Week 14
Title: “I Desire Mercy, Not Sacrifice”
Text: Matthew 12:1-14
Worship: His Mercy Triumphs!
Key Sentence: Will we follow the rules, or do what is merciful and good?

November 17, Week 15
Title: The Kingdom and the Weeds
Text: Matthew 13:24-46
Worship: The Kingdom
Key Sentence: Even with weeds, the kingdom is the place Jesus wants us to be!

November 24, Week 16
Title: Without Faltering
Text: Matthew 14:1-36
Worship: The Son of God in Power
Key Sentence: The enemy will try to daunt us, but we must continue God’s work.

Christmas In Isaiah – This series will feature Christmas and Salvation texts from Isaiah that were not preached in the recent Isaiah series. These will be woven into five backstories for characters in ‘His Dwelling Among Us.’

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December 1 – Isaiah 12:1-3 (Lloyd)
December 8 – Isaiah 7:14; (Lloyd in Toronto)
December 15 – Isaiah 9:1-7 (Philip and Anna)
December 22 – Isaiah 61:1-4 (Annie)
December 24 – Micah 5:1-2 (Henry Padbury)

December 29 – Todd

In the Spring we will complete Matthew, culminating in our Easter celebrations.

January 5, Week 17: What comes out of your heart? (Matthew 15:1-20)
January 12, Week 18: The Heart of the Gospel (Matthew 16:13-28)
January 19, Week 19: The Limits of Faith (Matthew 17:9-23)
January 26, Week 20: Sin and forgiveness in the church (Matthew 18:15-35)
February 2, Week 21: Divorce and Remarriage (Matthew 19:3-9)
February 9, Week 22: The Unjust Laborers (Matthew 20:1-16)
February 16, Week 23: To Whom is the Kingdom Given (Matthew 21:28-45)
February 23, Week 24: God and Caesar (Matthew 22:15-22)
March 2, Week 25: Woe to You! (Matthew 23:13-28)
March 9, Week 26: The Beginning of the End (Matthew 24:1-14)
March 16, Week 27: With Power and Great Glory (Matthew 24:15-44)
March 23, Week 28: The Talents (Matthew 25:14-30)
March 30, Week 29: The Sheep and the Goats (Matthew 25:31-46) (Todd)
April 6, Week 30: Given for You (Matthew 26:17-29)
April 13, Week 31: Palm Sunday, Behold Your King (Matthew 21:1-17)
April 17, Week 32: Thursday of Easter Week, Forsaken (Matthew 27:32-54)
April 20, Easter Sunrise: (Mary?)
April 20, Week 33: Easter Service, He is Risen (Matthew 28:1-15)
April 27, Week 34: Make Disciples, (Matthew 28:16-20)