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Some Stills from Slovakia

I’ve been taking quite a bit of video on the trip, but our internet has not been up to uploading video. So I’m trying stills. Enjoy!

Our arrival in Liptovsky Mikulas for the camps there and in Kvachany:
130731 Slovakia stills 05 Arrival at Liptovsky Mikulas

On Sunday, July 24 we participated in the service at the Baptist Church in Liptovsky Mikulas:
130731 Slovakia stills 06 Baptist Church in Liptovsky Mikulas

That afternoon we visited a historical village recreation in Pribylina. One of the buildings we toured was the church:
130731 Slovakia stills 10 village 4

Peter Rask got to play the pipe organ:
130731 Slovakia stills 11 village 5

Above the town is a forest with a historic logging railroad running through it:
130731 Slovakia stills 12 posed forest

The next day we started camps. We had 78 children at a school in Kvachany. Here Cameron Cummings and Big Tim Berreth perform a skit for the kids:
130731 Slovakia stills 02 white and nerdy dance

Like all camp weeks, the days were filled with fun, games, English and Bible. Here ‘Big Tim’ is found by a group of campers on the leader hunt:
130731 Slovakia stills 16 Big Tim and the kids

‘katah’ (testimony in martial arts movements) for the campers:
130731 Slovakia stills 23 Lincols Katah in Kvachany

This image of the closing program shows the size of the group:
130731 Slovakia stills 17 Parent program

Along with camp we had several opportunities to walk in the hills. Here one of our campers, Benji, shows a jumper:
130731 Slovakia stills 13 Benji and the Bug

We saw wonderful sunsets:
130731 Slovakia stills 15 night falls

And sunrises over the town:
130731 Slovakia stills 18 Kvachany sunrise 2

On Saturday we got to visit the High Tatras:
130731 Slovakia stills 20 Tatras 2

After a short hike we arrived at a beautiful waterfall:
130731 Slovakia stills 21 Tatras Waterfall

The second week of camps was in a school at Liptovsky Mikulas. I haven’t processed stills from that week, but I may make a video or two after I get back.