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Bible Immersion Camp – Travel Plan and ‘Bring’ list

Dear Bible Immersion Campers!!

We are looking forward to our upcoming Bible Immersion Camp at the Davis Farm in Frelsburg, Texas. It will be an exciting weekend of learning, worshiping, eating and fun!

Here are some specifics that you need to know.

Transportation, Friday, May 3rd.

The majority of the group is traveling up in two vans. We will meet at the church at 3:00 p.m. on Friday, hopefully getting out of Houston a little ahead of the rush hour.

A small group will be going up early to prepare the meal.

Please reply to this post if you cannot be at the church by this time. We checked against your registration forms, but we weren’t sure about a couple of you.

We will return to the church around 3:00 p.m. on Sunday

Things to Bring

Pastor Bob says, “PACK LIGHT FOR THIS TRIP!!!” A backpack and/or small duffle bag should hold you for the weekend. NO large suitcases allowed. We will be tightly packed in the vans.

Please bring the following items:

1) A teachable heart: come ready to dig into God’s Word and take something home! If you can pre-read Colossians a few times before you come, that would help.

2) Your own Bible in your favorite version. The key version in the BIC materials will be the ESV, but the appendices will also include the NIV (1984) and either the NET or the NASB (haven’t decided yet).

3) A personal journal (if desired)

4) A small collection of pens and pencils that are to your liking. Colored pencils are helpful but not required.

5) A sleeping bag and pillow. You might also want to bring an air mattress, as only about four out of the twenty-six will get beds. We will be sleeping on almost every floor space in the house, and a few of the guys might want to sleep out in the yard. (Though the weather forecast is pretty chilly!)
6) Towel and personal bath supplies. Two bathrooms, 26 people. Don’t plan on luxurious showers!

7) Clothing. We are going to a FARM (read: cows, cowpies, bugs…). We won’t be dressing up for anyone. Bring old shoes (see reference to cowpies above). Bring a jacket and / or sweatshirt for the mornings (there ain’t much heat in that old farm!)


Ample food will be provided. We will all take turns helping with preparation and clean-up.

Cell Phones

Because we have all become cell phone addicts, we won’t tell you to leave your phone at home, but we will warn you in advance that:
a) there may be no signal at the farm (it comes and goes depending on which way the cows are facing)
b) we will ask you to turn them off for all of our study/discussion time, which will be much of the weekend.

I will leave my phone on at all times. If your family needs to reach you, they can call me at 281-787-7130

Digital Devices

More and more of you have a Bible on your digital device. You should feel free to use these for the study time. In fact, if you can find a Bible version for your device that includes Strong’s numbers and definitions, that would be ideal. On iOS a good choice is one of the versions of Touch Bible because it does not require internet access to do searches and definitions. I don’t know if it’s available for Android.

We would like to strongly recommend that you not plug in and listen while working on the Bible Studies. We really want you to concentrate on the Scriptures, and you will also get to enjoy the silence and the sounds of nature at the farm!

If you do not have a digital device we will have several laptops with Bible study resources available. If you own a laptop that has such software, feel free to bring it along, but plan to make it available to others as well.

We’ve probably forgotten something important, so be sure to let us know of other questions that should have been answered.

To be sure that this is received by all involved, please zap us back a “got it” message at

In eager anticipation,

Bob and Gail