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First Person Affirmation from Easter Sunday

Several people have asked me for a copy of the ‘personalized’ affirmation from Easter Sunday’s sermon.

Here’s the text:
At Easter I celebrate the fact that Jesus not only defeated death on his own behalf, but he defeated death on my behalf, so that I a doomed sinner might be freed. Jesus paid the price of my sin, bore the wrath of my rebellion, carried my sorrows, knew my grief and took my punishment. In rising again as Lord and king, he now offers me righteousness. My rebellion is conquered, my sin is forgiven, my heart is cleansed, I am made an adopted son of his father; I am given new life for this life and eternal life for the life to come. I receive God the Holy Spirit to dwell with me and I’m enabled to walk in newness of life, in substantial healing. All because he died and rose again.

Here’s the slide (slightly modified):